What Is A Bail Bond And How Do They Work?

If you or your loved one is stuck in jail and are clueless about the process, consulting with an expert in bail bond in Yreka can help. Nobody knows when fate causes topples your life upside down. Preparing yourself beforehand is the best way to handle challenging situations. Contacting a bail bond agent to build a connection is beneficial during trying times.

Who Is A Bail Bondsman?

A qualified bail bondsman assures release from jail by posting a bond in court. If you are arrested for a crime and cannot pay your bail, contacting Redding bail bonds can help because they do the same for you.

The bail bondsman submits the money to the court for the person’s release on bail and acts as a surety while assuring the court that the defendant will appear for trials. The bail bondsman charges the defendants a non-refundable fee of 10%, which stands for the reward that the bail bondsman will get for posting the entire bail sum.

However, if the defendant escapes the city on bail and does not appear for the trials, The bail bondsman keeps 10% of the defendant’s bail payment but forfeits the rest unless they find the accused and make them appear for trials. Also, the court issues a warrant for his/her arrest, after which obtaining bail would be almost impossible.

Types Of Bail Bond Options

1. Surety bond
2. Cash bail
3. Property bond
4. Release on personal recognizance

Surety Bond

A surety bond is provided by insurance companies. Bail bondsman work with these companies to secure a bond.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is the simplest form of bail bond option, where the accused pays the full amount to secure the release.

Property Bond

Property bond allows the defendant to put a property in place of cash. If the defendant fails to appear for his/her trails, the court will seize the property.

Release On Personal Recognizance

Factors influencing a release on personal recognizance:

1. Accused’s ties with the community
2. Where do the family or friends of the defendant live?
3. What is the criminal history of the defendant?

What Information Your Bail Bond Agent Will Need?

Your bail bond agent will need the following information to prepare a bond for you:

1. The full name of the person in jail
2. Name of the jail
3. The reason behind their arrest
4. Your booking number
5. Any other information you can get

The bail bond process may take minutes to several hours for the release depending on the circumstances. Consulting with an expert in Weaverville bail bonds can guide you about the steps and precautions.