What Happens When Someone Skips Bail?

Getting behind bars is an unpleasant experience causing mental and financial stress to the family. Consulting with an expert in bail bonds in Yreka can help your loved one get out of jail. The judge reads some conditions to follow for the bailed person, and violating court conditions is a solid offense. While receiving bail is like a milestone achieved, skipping it due to negligence can lead to dire consequences.

Most people cannot afford to secure bail for themselves. However, a bail bondsman offers the money for a percentage of the bail amount. The person receives bail on the condition that they will show up in court for their trial. The bail bondsman receives their money back when the person appears in court for the trial. However, dire consequences await if the person skips bail and does not attend their trial.

​What Are The Next Steps?

The court informs the bail bond agency when the defendant fails to appear. The court grants the bail bondsman time to find the defendant and bring them for trial. The Weaverville bail bonds agency may hire a bounty hunter to track you down and get you for the trial.

The court will issue the bench warrant for the arrest of the defendant. After the arrest, you may not be eligible for bail. Additionally, if the law fails to find the criminal defendant, the court will forfeit the collateral put up for bail.

If you post bail for your loved one and they disappear, you will lose the collateral and bond payment. This happens because you ensured they would appear in court to attend the trial.

What Happens When You Jump Bail?

1. The court issues a warrant in your name. Once given, law enforcement officers will hunt for your whereabouts to arrest you.
2. Your driver’s license gets suspended, and the court won’t restore it until you attend the trial.
3. You will receive additional felony charges.
4. Your chances of getting bail diminish.
5. You may receive an increased bail amount because of the offense you committed.
6. The court may impose a bail cost when you appear if you are freed on your recognizance.


Jumping bail can cost you more time and money than the previously assigned court dates. Additionally, getting out of jail becomes more challenging because of trust and sincerity loss. If your loved one needs bail, consulting with qualified bail bonds in Redding can help. A bondsman will inform you about the consequences and punishments for skipping bail. You should consider getting professional guidance to avoid ruining the chance for freedom. The expert will guide you through the law and its complexity.