Did you ever hear, “So-and-so is getting released on a $35,000 bond”? When someone gets arrested for a crime, they have the option of getting released from jail using bail. But do you know the specifics of how Bail Bonds work in Yreka? Do you know what you need to do if you or your loved one gets arrested?

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What is a Bail?

Bail is an amount of money decided by the court on the basis of the charges against the defendant and other contributing factors. This sum of money acts as insurance between the defendant and the court. It gives security that the defendant will appear in court after getting released from jail. While a defendant has the option to pay the bail in cash, many cannot afford to do this. Generally, the bail amount is high. The financial situation of a majority of defendants restricts them to post bail by themselves. As a result, they have no choice but to seek help from a bail bondsman, or a bail agent, who prepares the Bail Bonds in Yreka.

What is a Bail Bonds Yreka?

A bail bond is a kind of surety bond. As a bail bond company, we write bail bonds for our clients. Our bail bondsmen or bail bond agents understand your needs without judgment. We discuss the terms of our agreement with you and then prepare the bail bond. This bail bond secures the release of the defendant (you or your loved one) from jail.

There are two types of Bail Bonds in Yreka:

  • Civil Bail Bond: As the name suggests, its use is for civil cases. The bond guarantees that the defendant will clear the debt, along with interests and costs due against him/her.
  • Criminal Bail Bond:  Prepared for criminal cases, the bond guarantees that the defendant will appear on all scheduled court dates. It also covers payment of any penalties and fines set against the defendant.
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How do Bail Bonds Work?

We charge the defendant a 10% fee/premium of the bail amount to post the bail bond in Yreka. For instance, if the bail amount for the release of you or your loved one is $25,000, the bail bond agent will collect $2500.
The collateral helps to arrange for the remaining part of the bail amount. The defendant needs to, in physical form or security interest, hand over to the bail bondsman any valuable asset to cover the bond. If the defendant does not have sufficient collateral, the Bail Bondsman will reach out to friends and relatives to secure and cover the bond.

The next steps of the bail bond depend on the defendant’s appearance in court after release:

  1. If the defendant appears in court: The bail bond dissolves after the court case concludes. We keep 10% of the fee and return the collateral to the person who posted it.
  2. If the defendant does not appear in court: If the defendant does not appear in court, the court forfeits the bail bond. The remaining 90% of the bail amount is due for payment to the court, for which we arrange funds by using the defendant’s collateral.

So, if you require a bail bond in Yreka to get a loved one released from jail, make the most of the professional and trusted services of Holly Bail Bonds.