Can You Apply for BAIL if you have Violated Probation?

So, you were on probation. You were trying your best you comply with the court-ordered rules and conditions under the supervision of the probation officer, but there comes one mistake from your side. And now, you are worried about whether you will be able to post bail now or not? Whether you will get the Redding bail bonds or not is completely on the judge. If your probation violation was committing a misdemeanor, the judge can revoke your bond. In fact, a higher amount of bail can be set by the judge so that it’s not affordable to get out of jail that easily.

In this blog, we will give you information about what occurs if you violate a probation violation.

Here Is What Can Happen After A Probation Violation

If the court found that you have violated the probation’s terms and conditions, the consequences could be serious. First, your probation officer will notify the judge about it. The judge will issue a warrant to send you to jail. The judge may also impose heavy fines on you and other penalties. You may need a help of an experienced bail bonds Yreka agent if the bail amount set by the court is too high.

Posting bail on such a violation can be really tough. If the crime you have committed is a serious felony, you will be denied bail. The judge may set bail if your violation comes under regular probation. If the defense lawyer proved that you should not be given a bond for release until a court date, you will not get one. However, in case you have deferred adjudication probation, the bail will be set by the judge and the bail amount can be so high that it can be so costly to get out of jail.

What Will Be Jail Time For Probation Violations?

How long you will face jail time will be decided by the court by examining how the probation violation is made. Once you break a rule of probation, you can be sentenced up to the jail time that was set as a suspended sentence.

In fact, your probation may have added special conditions you need to follow. Violating any of these particular conditions can land you in jail without completing probation serve time. The additional offenses committed by you during probation can even cause you to face jail time.

As mentioned earlier, serious felonies are subjected to direct jail time. Even if the rest of the probation is there for you to serve, you will serve the rest of your probation under bars.

If you have the chance to post bail even after a probation violation, we suggest hiring a reputable agent that posts bail bonds in Red Bluff. You can be released until the court date if post bail with the help of a bail bond agent. Bail bondsmen are professionals in helping you post bail and provide you with the financial aid you need to get out of jail.