What Happens If You Skip Bail

Skipping bail is not suitable for you if you are a defendant. Not only does it can have negative consequences for you, but also for the person who paid for your bail. Once bail is posted and you have been granted bail until a court date, you must abide by all your bail conditions. These conditions also involve the state where you are expected to appear for all of your court trials. But if you skip even one problem, it is known as skipping bail. If you have applied for bail with the assistance of Redding bail bonds agents, the agent will be affected, along with you. But you are the one who is going to be negatively impacted the most.

In This Blog Post, We Will Discover What Happens If You Skip Your Bail:

Why Skipping Bail Is A Wrong Decision

The objective of bail is something you need to understand before knowing why skipping bail is an offense. Bail is granted by the court when you pay the bail amount. You can get out of jail once your bail has been accepted. But you are released until your scheduled court appearance dates.

Either you can pay for your bail yourself or hire a bail bond agent to work with your close one to keep you out of jail.

Your friends or family members can also pay for bail. Hiring a bail bonds agent can be a good decision when you lack funds for your bail or don’t have access to huge money right away that is required for release through bail. The bail bonds agent will pay for bail no matter how higher the amount is, provided you will only pay 10% of the bail amount. Under a bail bonds agreement, you are expected to show up to all your court dates. Whether you pay bail yourself or with the help of a Weaverville Bail Bonds agent, you are expected to be present on all the dates of court appearances as per bail conditions or the conditions of the bail bond agreement if you have signed one.

Consequences Of Skipping Bail

  • After you have missed any court hearings, your bail will be immediately revoked. The court can issue an arrest warrant. You will get arrested.
  • A bail bonds agent will use bounty hunters to arrest you. The agents have legal permission to track you down with their bounty hunters.
  • There are high chances of not being permitted for bail in the future.
  • The court will forfeit your bail bond. This gives the bail bondsman the authority to return you to the court. This also means that the bond amount will be paid using the collateral. So, the person who has presented collateral will see it go forfeited by the agent to pay the bail amount.
  • You will face extra fines and jail time if found guilty of the offenses.

Effects On Others

  • If a friend or close one has paid for your bail, skipping bail will leave the person in a precarious position. That person will be in charge of paying the total amount of the bond.
  • If the person has put their assets as collateral, the bail bonds Red Bluff agent be used to pay for the amount of the bond.