Common Bail Bond Mistakes To Avoid

Going to jail is an extremely stressful experience. When you find yourself or a loved one in jail, getting out is the number one priority. Posting bail is how you can get out of jail as quickly as possible. You want to make sure that you avoid any mistakes when posting bail. Speaking with an expert in Bail Bonds in Redding can save you trouble and guide you through the bail bonds process.

Here Are Some Common Mistakes When In Need of A Bail Bond:

Giving The Wrong Address

You always need to provide accurate information. If you provide the wrong address (even unintentionally), a bail bondsman is more likely to think you are unreliable and untrustworthy. If they believe this, they will not believe you will appear at your court dates, and probably not post your bail bond. The same goes when posting bail on behalf of a friend or family member. You must provide an accurate address or even face potential criminal charges.


Lies have no place in the legal system. While answering your bail bond agent, be truthful in every answer because one lie can revoke your bail bond or land you in jail. The questions asked are to ensure that you can pay for your bail and that you will appear on court dates.

Traveling Out Of Town

Traveling while on bail is not necessarily prohibited. It is, however, essential to notify your bail bond agent to avoid serious damages to your bail bond agreement. Getting bail comes with restrictions, and violating them can eliminate any chances of your bail. Ensure you inform your Bail Bonds in Red Bluff about your travel plans.

Arrest While On Bail

Landing in prison again is the last place you or a loved one wants to be. It is a good idea to keep a low profile and behave properly as soon as you are released on bond. You should not consider taking the chance of getting arrested for any reason. The cost of legal fees and court costs will rise if someone is arrested a second time while they are still awaiting trial. Moreover, it might also harm your reputation with the court and cause your bail bondsman to revoke your bail if they believe you are unreliable.

Choosing An Unlicensed Bond Agency

Remember, you are facing charges and want to get out the jail soon. Hiring a reliable and licensed bond agent is your best chance to get released. Be sure to select a reputable, well-known, and licensed bail bondsman. Ask for their license number. If they don’t have one or are reluctant to provide it, look for another bail bond company.


Avoiding these mistakes will help you navigate through the legal process. Bail is a serious process, therefore, you should not entrust it to a random bond agency. Weaverville Bail Bonds Company has a high-profile reputation for dealing with numerous cases. Connect with an expert for the best outcomes.