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Who Needs Bail?

Helping Defendants Meet Bail in Redding

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How Is Bail Set?

When a person gets arrested, they are taken into police custody and booked. Booking is a process in which police collect information about the accused person. After that, the case is brought before a prosecutor, who will determine what charges to file. Soon after that, the person (the defendant), is brought to an arraignment where their charges are read to them. At this point, they can plead guilty and accept the charges or plead not guilty and be scheduled to appear at a trial.
After the arraignment, the court may decide to set bail to for the defendant to be released from custody if they can meet the bail amount. The bail amount is influenced by the severity of the charges, the defendant’s history of charges, the defendant’s employment, and the flight risk the defendant poses.

Do I Need a Bail Bond?

If you do not have the cash to post bail and you don’t have a friend or family member who can loan you the money you need to pay the bail amount, you may need a bail bond. A bail bond can be bought for 10 percent of the bail amount and can help you get home.

The Value of Bail

The threat of jail time could represent a loss of income, time with your family, and comfort. Posting bail can help you maintain your job and allow you to spend time with your family as you figure out the next steps. If you are unable to post your bail, contact our experienced bail agents to learn how a bail bond can help you.