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What Is a Bail Agent?

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What Is a Bail Agent?

A bail agent is a person who acts as a surety to post bail for a defendant after the defendant or their loved ones have signed a contractual agreement that obligates the defendant to appear on their court date. Agents typically charge a premium equal to 10 percent of the court’s requested bail to pay the defendant’s bail and make it possible for them to leave custody.
Bail agents have agreements with the courts that make them responsible for paying the bail of whomever they represent. They work with insurers to mitigate risk and gain access to the funds or securities they need to post bail on a defendant’s behalf.

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In California, a bail agent must be a citizen of at least two years and be at least 18 years old. Bail agents are regulated by the Department of Insurance in California, and so they must complete several registrations to legally be permitted to perform bail agent duties in the state. They must also obtain a bail license. Obtaining a bail license requires 20 hours of prelicensing and passing an exam. Maintaining a license requires hours of continuing education every time a license needs to be renewed.
For 25 years, our bail agents have served and helped local families secure the release of their loved ones. Each bail agent has been trained and licensed to work with you to help you to post bail and secure your release.
Contact us today to get to know one of our bail agents and learn how they can help you post bail, see your family, and move forward in the court process.